Ziploc Storage Bags – For Food Packaging and More!

Ziploc storage bags have become synonymous with space saving and packaging solutions, so much so that the name is sometimes used to refer to any type of space bag, a testament to how popular it is. If you’re among those who haven’t used any of these space saver bags, here’s what you’ve been missing.

What Ziploc Products are Available?

ziplocSmall Ziploc bags are usually used for storing sandwiches and other food, but other bags are available, like the Twist n’ Loc and freezer bags. All of these bags are expandable at the bottom so you can store more, and most can stand on their own as well.

Large Ziploc bags are available too, some measuring 2 ft by 2.7 ft (0.61 m x 0.82 m) and can be used for storing other items and stuff besides food.

In addition to these, the Zip n’ Steam bags are available, and they’re designed especially for preparing and cooking microwave food. Many of the flexible bags manufactured by the company are for storing non-food items with some having a capacity of 22 US gallons (83 l), and the Ziploc Company is continuously innovating and producing more variants.

How are Ziploc Bags and Containers Made?

A typical Ziploc container uses 25% less plastic than other brands, and the Ziploc Evolve has 35% less plastic than most other space save bags. As a further testament to the company’s commitment to being green, they are manufactured using wind power, a renewable source of energy. The Evolve line is also packaged in recycled paperboard which helps conserve trees.

The Ziploc freezer and regulation bags on the other hand, are made from polyethylene plastic resin, a widely used polymer available in different densities and flexibilities that allow you to safely store different amounts of foods.

What are the Other Benefits of These Space Saver Bags?

To put it simply, these bags can be used in a number of ways for the home, office and various industries. Because the bags are very reliable and have a secure top, you’re assured that contaminants and foreign elements won’t compromise the content in any way. Since the bags are reusable and keep contaminants away you don’t have to worry about dust and moisture getting inside the package.

Some of the other benefits include the following:

  • Benefits of Space BagsIndustries use these bags to contain and organize small product items for storage and shipping. A number of different raw materials and styles are available so you can use Ziploc to safeguard microchips and other sensitive equipment.
  • These bags can also be used to preserve important documents as well as keep a product fresh.
  • Many Ziploc products are constructed from low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic film, but you’ll also find some made from metallic ESD and anti-static materials, ideal for storing static sensitive products. Some of these bags are in biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), which reduces vapor and moisture transmission rate, and it’s also appropriate for making retail presentations.
  • All Ziploc products are manufactured according to the standards set by the USDA and FDA for food packaging.

Travelling with Ziploc Space Saving Bags

More and more people are now using these bags during their travel because it’s a budget saver and practical to use. Families that travel during the summer of course, carry a lot of food so Ziploc would definitely be handy. Not only will this minimize your cost but they also keep things clean and ensure food safety.

Because of the way these bags are made, you can use these to store canned tuna, sausages and other canned foods. Generally speaking, any kind of food that’s easy to prepare and doesn’t sour easily can be stored in Ziploc. These bags are also useful in air travel because they’re reusable and portable, not to mention the fact that it’s handy to have along when there are flight delays.

Preservation and Food Storage

More than anything else, Ziploc space savers are designed for to keep food fresh and free of contaminants whether at home or if you’re on the road. Because of the tight sealing used in each bag they’re reliable enough to be used in restaurants and other commercial establishments.

Research also shows that these bags help ensure food stays fresher when stored in freezers, and of course they’re ideal for carrying snacks to school or work, and since they’re reusable it saves you the expense of buying several bags. Not only do these bags save space, but they also ensure that air doesn’t get into the food and prevent odors from seeping out.

Preservation and Food StorageThe benefits for home users extend far beyond just simple packaging and space saving, though they’re very important. For instance, these bags are the perfect storage for leftover food and can be used to store large amounts of food as well as ingredients that may be needed for high volume or high quality meals.

Regardless how the bags are used, the common denominator is the convenience they provide individuals who have to store lots of food and other items.

While these bags are ideal for residential use, they’re also perfect for commercial use because as mentioned earlier, they provide the ideal solution for preparing food solutions and cutting up fruits or vegetables. These bags are also useful for storing meal recipes that can be used for preparing meals.

Notes on the Dimensions

If you’re buying Ziploc space bags remember that the bags’ lips and zipper are re-sealable and designated by the width dimension. Just like with other products remember that the width is the first dimension given followed by the length. Also, all of these bags’ dimensions are measurements in the inside and do not include the lock’s closure. In other words the lip isn’t part of the measurements.

All Purpose, All Around

The bottom line is Ziploc storage bags are very useful and practical, which is the reason why they’re considered must-haves in homes. Widely available and easy to use, they’re the perfect solution if you’ve got food or other stuff you want to pack.