Choosing Space Luggage Bags

70-50cm-Vacuum-Seal-Compressed-Organizer-Vacuum-Compressed-font-b-Bag-b-font-Large-font-bWhen going for a vacation especially with the entire family, you may find yourself having to pack so much luggage for everyone which would mean you end up with several suitcases. Space bags are designed to simplify your packing and make them fit into less space. These vacuum bags allow you to pack enough clothing on it before you can suck out excess air and therefore compressing the bag to fit smaller spaces.

Space bags are convenient and are affordable

Space bags are convenient and are affordable. They could actually cut down your luggage by more than half and in the process you will have lesser baggage fees to pay. Besides space bags will ensure the safety of your luggage. It is one scary moment when you watch the bags being moved from the luggage section and you have to worry about them being too big and getting stuck or ripped exposing some tiny clothes you would not want sown in public. It can be very embarrassing. At times, you may also want to fit your luggage onto the top slots and they just cannot fit because of bulkiness.

Space luggage bags are common amongst travelers and organizing fans. They save a lot of space and a simple option for you to pack your clothing while taking almost half the space you would have taken. They are perfect for vacations and you can use them to reduce the weight on your suitcase and hence reduce your baggage charges. Space bags are permitted in checked luggage by most airlines.

Choosing a space bag

When choosing a space bag there are several things you should take into consideration; you can go for the Ziploc brands or alternatively, you can get other related brands. These brands need you to get a vacuum hose to suck out air and hence make your luggage lighter. This way they would weight half what the weight would have been. You should also pick a size that would fit onto the base of your suitcase flat, this is especially because you won’t be able to fold the bag after the air as been expelled.

How to pack space bags

The first step when packing you space bag whether for a vacation or a trip, fold your clothes nicely and arrange them in the bag. After you are done, you can zip up the bag and connect the vacuum hose which you will use to expel air from the bags. You can then proceed to lay the bag at the bottom of your suitcase and you can arrange other items such as shoes, accessories and belts on top of the space bag.

Always avoid packing anything sharp in a space bag. This is because they can rupture the bag and hence destroy the wall air block. You should avoid packing suspicious looking items on the bag as this may prompt security surveyors to keenly check the bag which will mean re-opening the bag. These items could be electronic devices such as phones, laptops or tablets. It is important to ensure your space bag is sealed all throughout your journey to your destination.


Space bags can cut down on your baggage fees a lot. It would lessen the bags that will be checked. However, the weight of your bags would not change. It is advisable to weigh your bags before you leave the house this way you will avoid the trouble of finding out that you’ve carried excess once at the airport. Make sure the weight of your bags match with what your airline expects of their passengers. You should also carry one other space bag just in case anything happens that will make it necessary for you to have one before you arrive at your destination.


You should be aware that if your bag triggers any alarms and there is need for them to be checked, the security personnel will not place them back on the space bag but will place your clothes on the suitcase. In this case, always leave some extra space on the suitcase where you can pack your clothes without the space bag.

Where can one buy space luggage bags?

You can get space luggage bags on leading online shops such as amazon among others. You can also walk into your nearest bag store and ask for one. A lot of time people are also worried about whether packing your clothes in a space bag would destroy them. It won’t, it all depends on how you fold them. It is advisable to roll clothes into circles instead of the traditional square folding.

Besides after the travelling is all over, you can use space bags in the house to pack clothing that you do not need all the time. This is especially the case if you live in a place where the space is not sufficient for clothes and everything. If you are afraid of trying them here are some reviews that might help;

It served the purpose for me. I liked the product. They come into sizes as mentioned will definitely recommend to friends.

Suctioned out air and it seemed to work. Looked at them the next day and all bags had puffed up with air. Every bag did this multi times. My old space bags from yeas ago still work great but these are terrible. Would not recommend. I use these to travel with. Helps me separate certain kinds of clothes in each bag. It also helps me save room in my suitcase.