How To Find The Best Vacuum Storage Bags

437737274br81234.jpg;pvcc1e08ad382496c7Traveling is one of the biggest challenges when you have to take a lot of stuff with you. All airline companies have luggage weight and volume restrictions, so you have to be very smart when you pack your stuff if you want to avoid paying a lot of extra fees. Vacuum storage bags are perfect for packing, as they enable you fit a lot of stuff into a relatively small space. The only problem is that if you need to unpack several times during your trip, you are going to need the vacuum to be able to fit everything back inside your bags each time you need to move on.

Travel or not, vacuum storage bags can help you declutter your house. Instead of having lots of clothing items and outfits you don’t wear in the current season taking all your available room, you can wash them and seal them in vacuum bags until their season comes again. This is an unbelievable space saving solution.

Only Thing To Keep In Mind

The only thing to keep in mind is that not all storage bags are alike. You need to buy the good ones if you want to make the most out of your vacuum device. When looking to purchase such storage bags, you can take into consideration a few tips we are going to detail in this article, below.

First of all, you can ask your friends if they use such bags and if they do, what brands they consider being the best. If they use such bags since a long time ago, they should be able to give you good advice, as they may already have tried lots of brands and models. If they don’t use vacuum bags, perhaps you can determine them to give this solution a try. You can then do this research together and find the best storage bags for your specific needs.

Moreover, you can ask for advice regarding the type of bag you should buy. For instance, you can make a comparison between under bed storage bags, small bags and extra large ones. Each size suits a certain purpose. Very large bags allow you to pack an entire season of clothing into the same space, enabling you to find them easily when their time comes. Small bags are perfect for packing your suitcase for traveling. Jumbo bags can fit any clothing or bedding item, no matter how bulky it may be.

Specialty Bags

images (4)Specialty bags are designed with specific purposes in mind, so if you have a certain need, you can look for bags that fit it. For instance, garment vacuum bags come with a built-in hanger, so that you can store your clothing without causing excessive wrinkling.

Unfortunately, most vacuum bags are quite thin, so they can be easily punctured or torn by some sharp garments or clothing accessories. If that happens, your bags are going to become useless, as they won’t be able to hold the vacuum anymore. This is why you may want to store your vacuumed bags inside plastic containers or buy ones that are made from a thick plastic, more resistant to tear caused by sharp items.

When buying your bags, you need to make sure they fit your vacuum hose. If you aren’t sure about its size, you’d better buy universal bags, as they fit pretty much any type of vacuum available on the market. Another thing worth mentioning is that one-way connection valves prevent air from finding its way in by accident.

Vacuum Sealer Bags

Vacuum sealer bags are perfect for keeping your house neat or for traveling with small volumes of luggage. They can help you take control over your wardrobe without having to move things around each time the season changes. They are excellent space savers, so you can use them instead of buying more storage furniture. It’s better to have a decluttered and roomy house in which to be able to move freely than to fill it up with furniture just because you have a lot of clothes and bedding sets you don’t want to throw away.

Good Idea To Do

It;s a good idea to do an online research and see what other people say about various bags. There are lotsimages (7) of reviews on Amazon, as well as on third party reviews websites, so you are probably going to find some good ones for the products that interest you. Moreover, online communities and discussion forums can also be an excellent resource of honest reviews. You can learn everything about a product without trying it and without even leaving your house. Thanks to the modern technology, we can find out what others think, so that we can learn from their experience with various products. This new way of exchanging experience makes manufacturers aware that a slight error can cost them their whole business. They strive to improve their products, so that they attract positive reviews from their customers. Vacuum bags manufacturers make no exception. The competition is quite tough, there are lots of players on the market, so only the strongest are going to survive on a long term. This is why they all strive to listen to their users and improve their bags in order to meet the expectation of the buyers.


If you don’t want to go online for this type of research, you can always go to your local store and ask an assistant to guide you and recommend you the best vacuum storage bags they have available.