Space Bags for Travel Tips and Tricks

Space bags for travel and other vacuum sealed products from Ziploc are popular among travelers and backpackers for many reasons, but mainly it’s because they help you save a lot of space and provide a convenient way to pack clothes and other items. If you’re planning to go on vacation you can use these bags to free up space in your luggage.

Primary Considerations

Since space bags are allowed in airlines these can even save you in terms of baggage fees. If you’re looking for travel space bags make sure to get Ziploc since it is reliable. In the past you had to use a vacuum hose to suck out the air to cut the amount of space used up by your clothes in half. But with Ziploc that’s not necessary.

To save the most space when traveling, get a Ziploc that can be fitted flat at the bottom of your suitcase because you won’t be able to fold this anymore once the excess air has been removed. Here are a few more suggestions.

Tips for Packing Clothes and Other Items in Ziploc

Ziploc Storage BagsAs many space bag reviews have pointed out, it’s best to roll or pack your clothes neatly in the bag to save space. Once you’re done packing all those clothes, zip the bag, and it will automatically suck the excess air out. Next, put the bag in your suitcase and pack the other things you want to bring along like belts, shoes and accessories.

If you’re going to bring a Ziploc to your flight, keep the following in mind:

  • Do not put any sharp objects inside the bag because it might puncture the container and damage the air seal.
  • Do not put any suspicious looking items in the Ziploc because security agents might ask you to open the bag for further inspection.
  • Electronic devices usually arouse suspicion as well as a few other items, so it’s a good idea to research first what you can and cannot carry on a plane to avoid hassle. The bottom line is you want your bag sealed from the moment you board the plane until you get to your destination, so don’t raise any suspicions.
  • These space containers can save you money by cutting down the number of bags you’re going to check in, but it isn’t going to cut down the weight so make sure that the weight does not go beyond the limits set by the airline. And just to be safe, bring an extra bag with you in case one gets damaged.
  • There’s another reason why it pays to have a few more Ziploc containers; sometimes even if the content is transparent, some security agents will still get suspicious and ask you to unzip the bags. If this occurs, don’t expect the agents to reseal your bag, so having a few in stock will make it easy to accommodate them.

If you think you’re going to bring additional items on the return flight, buy a few more Ziploc bags, and make sure you’ve got access to a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out. If not, get a style that allows full compression.

What Else Can I Do with Ziploc?

If you’ve been reading Ziploc space bag reviews you’ll already know that it’s useful in so many ways. Since these bags are sold in different sizes you can use it to store hot, frozen, cold or microwave food as well as delicate items, and the bigger ones can be used to hold gadgets, household items and more.

If you’re backpacking or hiking, use these bags to keep foods fresh or steamy or organize your supplies and belongings. These bags are also useful for storing pet treats: rather than bring a large unwieldy can, it’s better to pour them in a Ziploc as it’s more convenient.

Apart from clothes and other bulky items, a Ziploc is great for storing puzzle or Lego pieces and small toys that often litter floors and couches. If you’re on the go, you can put batteries and chargers in a Ziploc so it’s within easy reach in your backpack, all the while you’re assured water isn’t going to get inside it. This extends beyond batteries of course as you can use it for storing sensitive items.

As any Ziploc space bag review can point out, these bags have different seals ranging from zippers, snap sealing, sliders and vacuum sealed so there’s no shortage of options here.

Tips for Buyers

Here are some important things you need to consider:

  • Tips for BuyersThere are different types of Ziploc including vacuum freezer systems, totes, containers and bags, and some were developed specifically for microwave cooking, storage, sandwiches, large bags and more.
  • Packing wisely is necessary for a convenient journey, but if small bags aren’t enough you can always buy the Large, XL, and XXL bags to store whatever items you plan on bringing along. These extra large bags are most appropriate for sports equipment, holiday decorations, beach towels, bedding, quilts and other similar items.

The clear large bags are not only spacious, but just like other Ziploc products will protect the items inside from water, dust, mildew and other contaminants. This is important not just for clothes but food of course. The multi-purpose XL and XXL bags are especially useful for everyday use as well as travel.

Furthermore, the semi-transparent design makes it ideal for storing important items when traveling, plus they’re convenient enough to carry around. And if you’re worried about the effect these bags have on the environment, don’t be because they are manufactured from recycled material, ensuring the effect is minimal. Furthermore, they’re reusable and built to last so expect to use them for a while.

Final Reminders

Whether you’re backpacking or going halfway around the world, space bags for travel will be indispensible in terms of saving you money and time. All too often we just stuff all we need in suitcases and then have a hard time sorting them out later, but with these bags that won’t be a problem anymore.