Space Bags – Saving Space, Money and Time

Sooner or later we run out of places to store the things we keep around, and that’s where Ziploc Space Bags become indispensible because they allow you to tuck away food and other things safely until you need them. They’re cheap, widely available and can be used in a variety of ways, so if you’re trying to reclaim space in your home, these will come in handy. And as you’ll see they have little known uses as well.

An Easy, Convenient Solution

An Easy, Convenient SolutionSpace saver bags don’t require a lot of investment and they’re very easy to use: just fill each bag until there’s only about a couple of inches space between your items and the Ziploc lock. These bags are water and airtight and most are made from bi-axial nylon and polyethylene, protecting your items from insects, mildew, mold and dust.

It’s true that these bags are mostly used in the kitchen to store food, but you can put them in your garage, attic, basement, bedroom, anywhere in your home really, without worrying about what will happen to the items inside.

Ziploc Space Bag vacuum products are sold in different sizes and shapes, giving you several options for storing and arranging food and items. The ideal bags are ideal for storing seasonal wardrobe like comforters and blankets, and you can even use them for patio cushions and sleeping bags. Since they’re available in different sizes you can get small ones that can be stacked on basement shelves, kitchen cabinets, the fridge, etc.

Unique Ways to Use Ziploc Containers

Vacuum space bags are nice, but Ziploc’s bags can be used in many other ways, ways that you may not even be familiar with.

  • Kneading dough: put dough in a Ziploc container so your hands don’t get sticky, or better yet why not just turn the bag inside out and wear it like a glove when kneading dough?
  • Storing pantyhose: it doesn’t matter what the style is, as these Ziploc bags are ideal for storing pantyhose. Just make sure to store pantyhose separately so they don’t snag and remain well organized.
  • Removing candlewax or bubble gum: if bubble gum or candlewax has been stuck on your carpet, couch or tablecloth, rub the surface with a Ziploc bag full of ice cubes. Keep rubbing until the gum or candlewax hardens, and crush it with a hard object.
  • Pipe frosting: just snip off the end of a Ziploc bag and you’ve got an instant pastry bag.
  • Soup storage: fill each Ziploc bag with soup and put them in the freezer, laying them flat. Since these bags are flat you can pile several of these one on top of the other, saving you a lot of space in the fridge.
  • Store important equipment: if you don’t have a bubble wrap, get a Ziploc bag and put a straw at the top of the bag and inflate it. Take off the straw and seal the bag, and now you’ve got a nice cushion inside.
  • Make a vanilla wafers piecrust: simply fill the bag with cookies and flatten it with a rolling pin.
  • For gathering herbs: whether it’s for food or medication, grab those herbs, wash them, dry and store in Ziploc bags to keep them fresh. Store these in the freezer and they’ll remain fresh for a long time.
  • For treating injuries and soreness: to create a cold compress, put several ice cubes in the Ziploc and apply on the affected area.

Other Ways to Make the Most of Ziploc Bags

A Ziploc space bag can be used for marinating meats, and if you’ve done any marinating before you know how important it is to make sure that the container is airtight, otherwise the flavors will be lost. Just throw in all the ingredients in the bag and leave it in the fridge overnight.

useful for shipping itemsZiploc containers are also useful for shipping items provided they’re not fragile and not as large as a shipping box. By slipping the item inside a Ziploc bag, you’ll provide it with some cushion and protection so it doesn’t get bounced too much during the trip.

You can use the Ziploc as is or as some suggest, put a drinking straw inside the bag, zip and inflate. When the bag has reached the size you want, remove the straw.

The benefits that these bags provide extends beyond that, because they’re also your best friend if you’re packing and frequently on the go. Just grab some Ziploc bags and pack in your shorts, underwear, shirts and so on and you’re good to go. You can also do the same with toiletries and other essentials, but make sure that the liquids are in separate bags.

Other tips for the traveler:

  • Use Ziploc bags for your shoes, and keep them separate from other items you carry so the smell doesn’t get mixed in with the other items you’re carrying.
  • Use different Ziploc bags for liquids and dry stuff like passports, mobile devices, money, credit cards etc. Since these bags are made of PVC and other plastics, you don’t have to worry about the content spilling out or the bag getting ripped.

There are other ways you can use these bags: do you have a clogged showerhead? No problem as you just need a Ziploc bag, fill it with white vinegar and soak the showerhead in it and use a string or rubber hands to keep it in place overnight.

Finally, a great many people keep these Ziploc bags around for making on-the-go snacks. And yes, these bags will also be very useful for storing dirty diapers and other thrash especially when you’re on the road. If you’re traveling with a baby, it’s best to have a few of these around so they’re isolated.

What it all comes down to is that space bags are essential for organizing a wide array of items, foods and just about anything that can fit in the bag. And as the information above shows, there’s a lot more to these bags than meets the eye.