Vacuum Space Saver Bags And Efficient Use Of Space

It is very common to run out of space especially for storing clothes. Unless you have a walk-in closet, you must have run out of space to store clothing. This is not to say that a walk in closet is a guarantee of never-ending storage space for your clothes. No! Running out of space can and does actually happen even in a house with large storage space capacities.

There are very many ways to enhance storage a household’s storage capacity. One can simply add more storage space by constructing a storage structure in your property, say the back yard, where you can store infrequently used items. However, this may prove untenable for some people due to financial and or property space constraints. If you find yourself in such a precarious situation where you are running out of space and you do not have the means to expand it, you should not fret over the matter.

Just turn to vacuum space saver bags to assist you in using the space that you already have more efficiently.

Vacuum space saver bags are bags that re usually manufactured out of polyethylene and or nylon material with a zipper. However, the zipper is not a conventional zipper that we are used to, but rather a special zipper that enables the bag to be air an air-tight and waterproof bag. After packing the bag with items that you intend to store, air is sucked out of the bag, thus shrinking its size considerably and allowing you to save your storage space.

How It Space Saver bags incorporate special technology that allows them to shrink the size the items in them by compacting them. One of the main technology utilized is the special zipper.

The zipper is usually a double layer zipper that creates an airtight environment inside the bag. This enables the bags to stay for as long as a year while being air tight.

The bags also utilize special casing material made of nylon and polyethylene. Layering of the materials creates enhances the vacuum environment created inside the bags. Additionally the multiple layers used ensure that the bags remain watertight, thus protecting any items that are stored in them.

Finally, the bags utilize a special air valve that allows air to be sucked out but not re-enter the bag. The valve, in this case, is a special one-way air valve, which prevent re-entry of air once it has been sucked out of the bag.

Popular Uses Of Space Saving Vacuum Bags

As mentioned earlier, these bags are essentially used to enhance efficiency in storage by the shrink the size of the items that you want to store. In this regard, they are popularly used in improving:

Storage In Cabinets

stažený soubor (1)Cabinets that are used to store clothes run out of space pretty fast. One trip to the shopping mall can create a mess in your bedroom due to lack of storage space.

It is in this case where vacuum space saver come in handy. They can store a lot of your infrequently used clothes, say summer clothes during winter, thus saving you a great deal of space. By utilizing this bags, you enhance the organization of your room considerably.

Additionally, you can also use these sort of bags to shrink the size consumed by your documents in your office cabinet. Papers are known to be bulky and take up a lot of space in their storage space. In this regard, you can simply reduce their bulkiness by reducing their size. Compressing then in a vacuum bag reduces the amount of size that they take up, thus allowing your cabinet to store more documents without expanding it or buying an additional one.

Storage In Suitcase

Space saver vacuum bags are also great to use while packing items to take while traveling. Clothes tend to take up a lot of space in suite cases, necessitating the use of many suitcases and bags, which can be an outright inconvenience while traveling.

To avoid carrying many bags, you can use special space saving vacuum bags that have been designed and made to pack traveling items. The bags have a self-vacuuming mechanisms which enable one to use the bags without using a vacuum machine to suck out air.

You can simply double the amount of clothes that can fit in a suitcase by using space saving vacuum bags.

The Advantages Of Using Space Saving Vacuum Bags

Storing clothes usually takes up a lot of space in your house. By using vacuum space saver bags, you canstažený soubor increase your storage space by as much as 50 to 100%.

Another advantage of using these bags is that they enable you to keep the clothes clean and fresh. Dust is one of the enemies of stored clothes. Using the bags protect your clothes from dust, thus maintaining their cleanliness over the time they are stored. This advantage can is extended to document as they are kept safe and free from dust.

Guidelines on Using Vacuum Space Saver Bags

images (8)If you intend to use vacuum space saver bags, it important to take note of the user guideline on your clothes. Some clothes such as leather and far are recommended not to be compressed as it destroys the material. Material such as feather should not be compressed beyond 50%.

Vacuum space saving bags are the best way to enhance your efficiency of space utilization.