Why You Should Buy Space Saver Bags at Walgreens

If you travel frequently, you know that taking a nice trip can easily turn into a nightmare. If you’re planning your first big trip, you may be worried about all the potential problems you might encounter. After all, everyone wants to make sure that their vacations go smoothly.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to this issue. If you buy space saver bags at Walgreens or another retail store, you’ll be able to pack efficiently and make sure your trip is a complete success. These bags are very affordable, and offer a lot of value for the price.

Obviously, these bags will be able to save you a lot of space, and in doing so, they’ll be able to save you a lot of money. If you’re flying on a plane, taking extra suitcases is going to wind up costing you a lot of extra money. Most airlines charge you for each individual bag.

If You Trave Using Space Saver Bags

spacesaver_bagsHowever, if you travel using space saver bags, you won’t to choose between having the things you need and keeping your traveling costs down. In fact, you may be able to get all the stuff you need in a bag small enough to use as a carry on.

There are usually several different options available at Walgreens when it comes to the space saving bags that you can buy. There are bags that need to be sealed shut with a vacuum, and there are bags that you can simply roll to squeeze the air out of.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of bag. If you use a vacuum sealed bag, you’ll be able to fit in far more clothing and other possessions than you would otherwise. However, the bags that you can roll shut tend to be a lot easier to use.

With All Of That Said

With all of that said, once you start using these bags, you’ll soon realize that they’re good for a lot of vaccumbag1._seal-vacuum-compressed-bag-space-saver-saving-clothing-storage-organizer-bagthings besides saving space. For some people, these extra uses are what make these bags a must-have. Once they started using them, they didn’t know how they ever traveled without them.

So what are these additional uses? One of the most obvious ones is organization. If you’re packing using multiple storage bags, you can use them to make sure that items stay together and are easy to locate when you need them on hand.

For example, if you know what you’re going to wear on each day of your vacation, you could do a separate space saver bag with the clothes for each day. You only need to open a bag each day, and you can pack the last bag up as you open a new one. You’ll always be able to stay on top of things.

You can also use these bags to keep each person in your party’s clothing and items separate. That way, you can share a suitcase without having to worry about finding your things. Each person gets a few bags, and each bag can be clearly labeled.

These bags can be a big help if you’re sending a child out on a trip on their own. Kids have a hard time keeping track of their things while on vacation, bu this will ensure that they know where to find everything they need. It can also prevent things from being lost.

It’s likely that you’ll find a lot of uses for these bags even after your vacation is over. For example, although they’re not completely waterproof, they’re a great way to keep spills from damaging the rest of your items.

Going Hiking

Going hiking and want to throw some water bottles in your backpack? Just keep them in one of these bags! If the bottles wind up leaking later on, you’re not going to have any problems. The spill will stay contained to your bag, and the rest of your stuff will be fine.

You can also use bags like this to protect your stuff while you’re taking a trip to the pool or to the beach. Just put your electronics like your cell phone inside the bag. You won’t have to worry about a few splashes destroying electronic goods.

These bags can also be a great way to hold snacks. While you won’t want to roll them up and crush your snacks in the process, they do allow you to mix food items with other items. You’ll also have all of your snacks in one handy container.

Some People Find Alternate Uses

5134mWwyQeL._SX300_Some people find alternate uses for these bags even while traveling. As you may know, the TSA restricts the amount of liquids you can take with you in a carry on bag. If you shop for space saver bags at Walgreens, you’ll see that you can get these bags in a TSA-friendly size. You can put all of your liquids in one of those containers.

There’s no reason not to invest in some of these bags before you go on your next trip. They aren’t at all expensive, and they’re extremely easy to use. They can help you to avoid a lot of headaches.


A trip or a vacation shouldn’t be a source of stress. It should be a chance for you to get some relaxation in. Make sure you get to do just that by buying a few of these space saving bags. You’ll be glad that you chose to do so.