Uses of Ziploc Space Bags in Jumbo Sizes

Ziploc space bags in jumbo sizes are among Ziploc’s biggest sellers and this should not be surprising because it can be used in so many ways. While Ziploc is most often associated with food, there are a lot of things you can do with a jumbo bag to eliminate clutter in your kitchen and other areas of your home.
What are the Main Uses of Ziploc bags?

These space bags jumbo are mainly for preservation, organization and space, although admittedly these functions tend to overlap depending on how they’re used. The following is brief overview of how these bags work as well as some suggestions on how to use them.

Saving a Lot of Space

Saving a Lot of SpaceOf course one of the reasons why people want to know where to buy Ziploc space bags is to save space. The majority of these bags can be compacted so, if for instance, you store clothes in it, you’ll be able to press them easily. Furthermore, these space saving bags can be used to store items without causing any damage.

This is most obvious with clothes but the effect is the same for many other items. The space saving elements doesn’t just apply to the home but also when you’re travelling, which explains why Ziploc space bags for travel are so popular.

Bags for Organization

These storage bags are of course ideal for arranging and cleaning items in your house. Besides food you can use these bags to store toys, clothing, blankets, towels and more.  These bags are also ideal for keeping blankets and bedding in specific areas of your room so you don’t lose it.

These Ziploc space saving bags are more than appropriate for categorizing items and arranging your collections. Furthermore, these jumbo bags will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and this is most evident with toys: how often has it happened that kids’ toys end up under the bed or couch? By getting one of these jumbo bags they’ll have a place where they can put all their toys in so there won’t be a mess.

Preserving Food and Other Items

Apart from serving as travel space bags, Ziploc space saving bags can also be used to preserve important items, whether they are blankets, clothes, documents, cameras, food etc. For example, it’s common practice for people to store cold weather clothing like blankets and sweaters when the winter season is over. Unless they are properly stored they’re bound to suffer some damage.

Clothes, blankets, documents and other materials need to be stored in airtight containers because moths will cause damage during hot months. The most effective way to prevent this of course, is to use waterproof and airtight bags like Ziploc.

Utility Bags

These bags can also be used to store utilities, knickknacks and other items provided none of them is sharp enough to pierce the bag. That being said, Ziploc bags are partly made from plastic resin so it’s not going to rip that quickly. This makes it especially useful if you’re going to use the bags to hold pet toys, puzzle pieces and other stuff.

Just like utility bins, using Ziploc as utility bags prevents clutter and make it a breeze to find items so you don’t have to look for them all over your house. While jumbo bags can store a lot of items, don’t just throw everything into one bag. Your goal after all, is to organize your stuff, so it’s best to plan this out first so you’ll know how many bags you’ll need. The more time you spend organizing these items in your bag, the less clutter you will end up with, so it’s definitely worth doing.

How Do These Space Bags Work?

How Do These Space Bags WorkSpace bags work by displacing the air inside before they are sealed, effectively reducing the space they occupy. This is possible by way of the vacuum process, which is the reason why these bags are often called vacuum bags. In the past, you had to use a vacuum hose with the bag to eliminate the air.

The vacuum cleaner is connected to the bag valve and then turned on, allowing the vacuum to suck the air out. Once the air is out the valve is closed and the content is compressed to the maximum amount.

However that complex process is no longer necessary with Ziploc because of the way it is designed. You just need to fill the bag up to the designated line and seal it at the top, and by pushing the lock firmly you’ll be able to push out the air from the lock opening line. This simple process effectively keeps air out so the content is not compromised.

Tips for Buyers

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying one. It’s true that these bags are widely available, and most stores that specialize in home goods is bound to have them. You can also find these in the larger outlets, and it’s there that you’re most likely to find the jumbo ones.

However the most practical option is to go online as it is more convenient and offer more options. Usually by shopping online you will be able to find the large, XL and XXL sizes quickly. More importantly you can tell which ones are the bestsellers, if they’re out of stock and when they’re coming back.

Given a choice between online and offline stores, you should always check the store nearby if they have the jumbo sizes available because if they are, it’s the most effective option. But if the sizes you’re looking for are not there and nothing is nearby, go online as there’s bound to be one.

Ziploc space bags in jumbo sizes are quite simply versatile storage containers you can use for just about anything. Because the bags are sold in a variety of sizes you’ll have no problems finding the right specs to suit your needs. And since these bags are affordable, you can buy a whole bunch and use them for different purposes.