Ziploc Space Saver Bags Help You Corral Your Closet

vacuum bags a3 x 40-2As the years go on, people collect more stuff. It’s a simple truth of life and the universe. You can’t avoid it, you can’t get around it, the older you get, the more stuff you will have. Much of this stuff will be in the form of clothes. And even as older clothes become less useful, it’s always hard to actually get rid of them. If they’re still functional, you tell yourself that you want to make use of them somehow. You tell yourself that you’ll probably wear them again.

But that doesn’t stop them from taking up space in your closet. As you get more clothes, it becomes impossible to keep your closet in check. Is there some product out there that will help you corral your closet and ensure that you can actually make use of it?

There is! From the people at Ziploc comes the amazing Ziploc space saver bags. How do they work? What do they do? How do they help you corral your closet and give you the space back?

Vacuum Sealed Bags

Ziploc space saver bags are vacuum sealed bags. It’s an impressive feat of technology that allows you to vacuum seal your own belongings. How it works is that you shove clothes into one of the plastic bags until the bag is full. Once it’s full, you attach your vacuum cleaner hose attachment to the outlet, and turn the cleaner on. The cleaner will then suck out all the air, leaving you a bag of vacuum sealed clothing.

It doesn’t just work with clothing, though! It works with just about anything! However, there are some things that don’t give much space in terms of vacuum sealing. For example, even if you vacuum seal a pair of shoes, there’s not a great deal of movement a shoe can have. Even by sucking all the air from around it, it won’t squish down very much.

Still, that doesn’t mean Ziploc space saver bags aren’t useful for that sort of thing! Just because a pair of shoes doesn’t squish down very much doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from having them sealed away in a bag. Not only can you fit them in with a variety of clothes, but it allows you to keep them in one simple place for easy storage.

Making The Most Out Of Your Bag

When you first get the amazing space saver bags, it can be tempting to simply throw stuff in until you can’t fit anything else, and then vacuum seal it. This is certainly one way you can do things, and it will even work. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient way.

If you want to make the most out of your space saver bags, the best idea is to ensure you’re folding the clothes nice and neatly. This will allow you to fit more articles of clothing into the bags, which in turn will allow you to vacuum seal away more things into one bag.

Utilizing the bags in this way will allow you to keep a large number more articles of clothing in neat, tidy areas. You can easily slide a full, vacuum sealed bag under your bed, allowing you to completely clean out your closet! You can more easily slide vacuum sealed bags into your dresser drawers, or even stack them off in a corner somewhere and forget about them!

Not Just For The House

If you’re thinking the only use for space saver bags is for when you’re trying to corral your closet, you couldn’t be more wrong! There are a number of different ways you can make use of your space saver bags.

One of the most popular uses is when packing. When packing for a move, one of the things that winds up weighing things down the most is all the piles of clothes. It’s hard to fit them into a variety of boxes, after all, and they take up so much space in the back of the moving truck.

Now, with space saving bags, you can fit a great deal more clothing into one box. You may not even need to bother with a bag at all! You can simply stack the bags of vacuum sealed clothing on top of each other, and then wrap tape around them to hold them in place. That way, you can save a box for the things you really need to put in boxes.

But moving isn’t the only kind of packing that you can do with space saving bags. You can also pack for a trip. Space saving bags by Ziploc are absolutely fantastic for making trip packing go easy and smooth.

Clothes you need into once, easy to use space saving bag

spacesaver_bagsYou can fold all the clothes you need into once, easy to use space saving bag, and then you can slide the bag into your carry on luggage. That way, you don’t have to worry about checking a suitcase at all! Or, alternatively, you can pack individual outfits into space saving bags, and have a neat, vacuum sealed outfit for each day of the trip.

At the end of the day, space saving bags by Ziploc are some of the most useful packing supplies you can ever find. Not only do they help you in packing, but they also help you keeping your home neat and tidy. They’re amazing products, and there’s no reason not to own them.